Principal- International School

Sayeed Nahid Alam

“Education is a liberating force and also an evolutionary force, which enables the individual to rise from mere materiality to superior planes of intellectual and spiritual consciousness.”

Being an educationist, I am of the opinion that in imparting education to children the focus should be on character building and creation of an environment to learning. The idea if the knowledge society and knowledge worker is spreading rapidly around the world. In such a scenario the learning process cannot be confined to books. The children should be given an opportunity to grow and prove their calibre so that they can meet the challenges and lead a prosperous life. With this aim in mind, we exhort the students to participate in a number of co-curricular activities. It gives me immense pleasure to see the students participate in the activities with great enthusiasm. The activities which range from debates, elocution, dance, drama, song, art and craft and creative writing, help in unearthing the hidden talents of the children and allow them to air their views.

The “Quest” serves as vehicle for the student’s talent. It helps tremendously in eliciting the response from the students. It helps in igniting the imagination of the students. Apart from this it helps in the improvement of their language. I am really elated with the hard work of the students. The School Magazine is a revelation of their natural exuberance. I congratulate them for their effort and wish them huge success in life.